Will Work For Tickets (am geek – will travel)

will work for tickets

Will work for maker faire, SXSW, or Comic-Con tickets

Will work of food tickets (& travel costs). If you get me there, I will do (just about) anything; ranging from dazzling people with my intelligence/geekyness, giving presentations/speeches, loading and unloading heavy equipment, &/or get you coffee. Note: I am far more experienced at the first two, than the last.

In previous positions I have had the luxury of going to several amazing events; like traveling to India with Geeks on a Plane.

I miss that. Don’t get me wrong, my day job is awesome, but I don’t get to go to as many awesome/geeky activities as I use to (and claim that they are work related).

There are so many great events going on every year where having a resident “handy-man” / “smart guy” / “geek-extraordinaire” might come in handy. In particular there are three events that I really want to go to:

Maker Faire Bay Area (I’d also do New York)

SXSW (It may be a little late this year to swing it…)

Comic-Con (Not quite sure who would pay to send me to Comic-Con, but I still really want to go)

I could afford to go to these events, but it would be hard for me to justify taking time off from work and school AND paying for them… to my wife 😉

So if anyone has need of my experience/expertise, or just another set of hands. I would love to help you out, meet/work with new people, and get to attend any of these events. I’ll take the time off work, if you take care of the rest.

This is where I work 

forget twitter, fMRI FTW!

My last post (I know it’s been a long time) was about breaking research on brain image reproduction. After reading recent publications on the subject I am filled with a giddy excitement, and paranoid fear at the same time. While my scientific inner child, who wants nothing but to build world peace by the means of very large shiny tools,  dances with joy at the idea of being able to tap into all of the thoughts that his hands and mouth are too clumsy to articulate.  My paranoid sci-fi apocalyptic reading inner adult cringes at the thought of someone being able to monitor our most inner thoughts, are safest of safe places could be monitored! I suddenly feel naked in my cubicle knowing that my boss could not only monitor the key strokes of this blog, but also read my thoughts!

whoa whoa, slow down. data overload.

What I am talking about is fMRI. the possibility of being able to construct data collected from the brain in a way that you can actually see what’s going on in there.  Neuroscientists at UCLA and Rutgers University have been working on exactly that.  Turning a cat scan machine into a mental x-ray. How successful they currently are or are not may determine how sound this technology may prove to be in our lifetime. But any success is an indication that it will be one day possible.

Many of you have read the “tweet with your mind” story. I thought it would be cool tell I saw the head dress you would have to wear.  The interesting part to me was that the tech was so accessible that they put it together in a matter of weeks.

How long will it be till I don’t have to type this blog? When I make a mental note, it is actually a pdf note or list that I can go back through later. When the minds of babies can be recorded so we can actually know “what are they thinking?”. When we can download the memories of our loved ones, or not so loved ones and keep them for history. The possibilities are endless.  If you think twitter is big, wait until we have linked data w/o a computer interface. Information could be closer than your fingertips.

Brain Image Reproduction

Starting a few years ago I began to wonder if it would be possible to record what you saw like a video.  Or keep track of all of the great and fleating thoughts that you had throughout the day, without having to write them all down.  What if you could take an image that you created in your imagination and make it come to life without the need to have great fine motor skills.  That would be great for minds like mine which are creative but forgetful and lack some of the skills required to express or recreate your thoughts and ideas.

Apparently research being conducted in japan at ATR Computational Neuroscience Laboratories is working on solving this problem.  As of right now they can only roughly recreate black and white images viewed by a person.  But maybe the ability to read neurotransmisions and rectreate there significance digitally is not an acheivement that should be prefaced with the preposition “Only”.

More info at: Pink Tentacle