My name Is T.J. Anderson. I know a real original name. I’ve met 3 people in my life with the same full given name as me. But despite the unoriginal name I am an original person. As long as you forgo the common plagiarism of walking talking and breathing you’ll hopefully find out that I am an individual.
The basics: I’m married. My wife loves; me, power tools, and snowboarding, probably in that order. I’m 30ish. If I’m not problem solving or fighting crime then I am probably playing with my kids, snowboarding, reading comics, or some combination thereof. Anything else you want to know, just ask.

I’ve started this blog in hopes of expressing ideas and as a resource for people to get to know me. I created this site largely as a host for my resume 10 years ago when linkedIn was still new and there were few other methods to host a static resume, contact info, and post new content. Sense then I hope it has evolved to be more, though I recognize that I am far more active on social networks than I am in generating blogs.

When & Where?:
Originally from Boise Idaho, I use to update this section, but it seems to change every few years, so if you’d like to know where I’m at hit me up on twitter.

I quickly learned in my life that I love to make things. I spent my first year of college studying Chemical Engineering at the University of Idaho, although interesting it really didn’t give me the opportunity to do what I wanted to do. I then moved on to studying Material Science Engineering at Boise State University and I loved it. In case you aren’t familiar with the major, it is essentially the properties and processing of ALL materials, polymers, ceramics, metals, and just about anything that is made into a usable product. So it is broad in application; more so then it is often accredited for. Most recently I graduated from the Executive MBA program at the University of New Orleans. I look forward to this new dimension in my education, experience, and personality.

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