3D printing in schools

A fellow I met through a LinkedIn 3D printing group, Davvid Lewis, posted this in the group a while back, I thought it was awesome to see the curriculum they are forming around 3D printing. I honestly thought I hit the publish button… but apparently I didn’t.

Original thread.


Here is a copy of the way we are teaching CAD & 3D Printing at Discovery School this semester. Please keep in mind that I have only 50 minutes, once a week with the kids.

3D Design & Printing at Discovery Charter School

Class size 12 (four groups of three)

Objective: Introduce the students (and their parents) to 3D Design & Printing through the use of Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs on the computer and the physical “printing” of their designs on the 3D systems 3D Printers.

Student Expectations:

– Be on time (crucial since we only have 50 minutes a week in class)
– Access the CAD software from home
– At least once a week, look for news about 3D Design or 3D Printing in the news
– Work in their teams
– Join the off site labs for printing of their final class project designs

This semester we are breaking the program into four blocks

Block 1: Introduction & Overview

– What is CAD
– What is 3D Printing
– Selecting your software
– Your first “print”
– In The News

Block 2: Learning to use CAD

– Selecting the software
– Creating initial designs
– Modifying designs
– Rotations
– Lofts
– Cool stuff

Block 3: Semester project

– Team assignments
– Project Definition
– Project Scope
– What you WILL do
– What you will NOT do
– Timeline

Block 4: Production (to the timeline)

– Design the parts
– What WILL print
– What is HARD to print
– Test a print
– Revise as needed
– Schedule team build days
– Print the parts
– Assemble it
– Options for “printing”
– Cubify Service
– Other outsourced printer services
– Presentations of projects

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