My Petition to Blake London

Blake London is a new clothing company who makes immaculate clothing. In their small but beautiful line they have a jacket that was made for me, or perhaps I was made for it. It is the Blake Vintage Check.

There are several reasons we are such a matched set. The primary two being:

jacket coat men's fashion

the blake vintage check blazer

  1. Anyone who has known me for very long, knows that I cannot turn my back on a good blazer. It is primarily by the insistence of friends and family that I have managed to get through life only owning a dozen or so wool and tweed blazers (mostly inexpensive vintage finds); but my love for this jacket is not some form of Hoarding. I can honestly say that honestly say that this Blazer appeals to my style more than any other article of clothing I have so far encountered.
  2. It is made of a material developed by NASA for the Space Suit. For those of you who know me I hope you now understand my moderate obsession. For those of you who I have yet meet. I am a Material Science Engineer. I currently work at Stennis Space Center, where I get to use my degree to insure the facility is safe and functional so we can test fire rockets. I use to work at Oceaneering Space Systems working as a Materials Engineer on the Constellation Space Suit, prior to the Constellation program being canceled.  I’ve also worked in R&D for GE Healthcare, and  interned at NASA Langley in their Materials Development lab, working on Polyimide Foam.

So my petition (request, plea) to Blake London is that I may have a Blake Vintage Check of my own. You may say, if I want one so badly then I should pay for it like everyone else. Your right, I should. While £1195 is a lot of money, I don’t think it is too much for this jacket, but my pockets are not that deep. While I may one day own this, or another blazer from Blake, it will be some time before I can afford it. I think that there are few more fitting homes for this jacket than on a materials engineer working at NASA (namely me). I would be happy to consult with Blake on any materials issues, or be of service in any way I can. I would be happy to model the jacket for them, but I’m sure they have plenty of potential models who are more photogenic than I am.

So if you have any contacts at Blake London please share this request with them. If you represent Blake London, then please contact me, or give me a way to contact you, I would love to discuss this proposition.

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