NASA Langley

So this week it was made official that I am going to be interning this summer with the LARSS program at the NASA Langley base. I’m not exactly sure what LARSS stands for, but it is the program through which all of there interns are assigned mentors and projects. I still don’t know a lot about the position just that It is in the “Research and Technology Directorate”, and the project consists of “Fabricate and Test advanced acoustic polyimide foam for subsonic fixed wing and rotary wing aircraft.” That is all I currently know, and probably wost of what I will be able to say about it for the rest of the project, many things in the projects we are involved in are confidential. I think this will be a great opportunity, and hopefully a lot of fun. I was on the base last summer, but I was interning for a subcontractor, Jacobs Engineering.